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Pet Urine Detection and Removal

What fun it is when you find #peturine in your carpets. This is such a dreaded find leading to searching hrs and hrs online of what the best method or grocery store product for removal is.

Let me put it this way if the pet stain is only on the surface some of these products will help to a certain extent and get rid of the odor (however often only temporarily). One other thing to consider that we see all to often is products being over used resulting in color loss in the carpet.

Is your nose your urine detection method?

This may be a fool proof way of searching for the pet urine when the smell is bad but it's not actually visible. I would like to let you know there is a better way!

When you give us a call to come by to determine the best course of action for pet urine removal we will bring along our UV light which will quickly determine where the urine spots are as you can see in this photo.

Removal Process!

During the cleaning process we will thoroughly flush and extract the pet urine contaminated area to get rid of the surface urine. After this we will now apply our specific products to break down the urine for complete removal with a repeated process of flushing and extraction.

Carpet rolled back and the pet urine contaminated underlay is removed.

There are times where the urine has soaked beneath the carpet and slowly seeped into the underlay. This is very common when the dog or cat urine is near a wall. When this happens we determine during the FREE assessment and quote what all needs to be done and what the best course of action is.

In certain situations we will need to pull back the carpet and replace a small portion of underlay and/or sub-floor to completely remove all traces of urine.

You may feel the smell is so bad from a single pet urine spot that the carpet needs to be replaced. Give us a call first and we can determine if it is something we can eliminate for a fraction of the cost.

Call: 403-505-3700


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