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Carpet CleaningRed Deer

At Express Force Cleaning we use finest carpet cleaning equipment and products every time to ensure you get the best possible results with fast drying times for any residential or commercial carpet cleaning. 


Our products are Eco-friendly and biodegradable, therefore giving you the piece of mind knowing that your carpets are completely clean and safe for you, your children and your pets. 

Our Hot Water Extraction system (Steam Cleaning) provides extremely high heat and pressure, designed to penetrate all the way to the base of your carpet ensuring the deepest clean and not just cleaning the surface. Your carpets will not only  be thoroughly  cleaned, they will look great and be genuinely refreshed.

With many different products and spotters used during a cleaning our trained technicians will use the best process and spotters to ensure you receive the best cleaning results.

Express Force Cleaning

Included With Every Carpet Cleaning

Pre Vacuum 

We will vacuum your carpet prior to cleaning to remove as much dry dirt, hair and debris as possible before any product is applied. 

Pre Treatment

Our Pre Treatment is a product that is sprayed onto the carpet to attack and break down dirt particles and separating them from the carpet fibers in preparation for extraction.

Spot Cleaning

We have a variety of different spotters and techniques to remove a wide range of spots.


Note: (Regular Spot Cleaning Does Not Include Pet Urine Spot Removal)

Hot Water Extraction

Our powerful, top of the line equipment provides the best thorough deep flushing (Steam Cleaning) to remove all dirt from the carpet and extraction for fast drying times. 

Moving Furniture

We are always happy to slide some furniture back and forth using furniture sliders during the cleaning.

We do however  appreciate smaller items and movable furniture  being moved off the floor to allow our technicians to complete the job in a timely manner. 

Carpet Grooming 

We will groom your carpet following the cleaning so that your carpet doesn't have any cleaning lines and is returned to original structure of the carpet fibers. This helps for faster drying and softer, newer carpet feel. 

Additional Services 

Carpet Protector

Our premium Carpet Protector (Scotch Guard) can be applied following the cleaning to make spill cleanups easier and help reduce permanent staining of carpet fibers. 

Urine Spot Removal

Pet Urine Spots or any urine or vomit spots need professional attention before any shelf products are applied for most successful removal results. Our products and process are designed to attack and lift unwanted substance in your carpet. 

For More Information Please CLICK HERE 

Care For Your Home 

Corner Guards

Express Force Cleaning | Corner Guards

Corner Guards are used to protect your walls and corners from our hoses throughout your home. 

Shoe Covers

Express Force Cleaning | Shoe Covers

Shoe Covers / Booties are worn during your carpet cleaning to keep you home as clean as possible.

Temporary Door

Express Force Cleaning | Temporary Door

Our temporary door is generally set up to keep your house warm during the winter and keeps bugs out in summer for comfortable year round carpet cleaning.

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