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Carpet Cleaning In The Cold Of Winter?

Yes it’s that time of year where the snow plows are making there way through the streets, a few days are getting warmer and the thought of spring brings about many plans for the year.

Some of us prefer be ahead of the spring rush and others are just as content waiting for everything to fall into place. I would like to mention for anyone who is asking if #carpetcleaning can be done during cold winter days, the answer is YES, In fact, carpet cleaning during the winter works just as well as the middle of summer!

One of the differences with hiring Express Force Cleaning Is when we are out Cleaning Carpets one of our unique pieces of equipment that will be used during every residential job is our temp. door.

We always block off your doorway to keep heat in during winter and bugs out in summer.
Temporary Door

Because our powerful equipment mounted in the van parked outside we need to run 2 hoses through the doorway, one providing high pressure high heat water and one with powerful suction to extract the water for fast drying times. This door will keep the heat inside your house providing comfort for you and your children and/or pets.

While we are in your home our top priorities are your comfort, respect for your home and quality carpet cleaning results to meet your needs and expectation!

This year if you would like to beat the rush with your Carpet Cleaning before spring give us a call to book an appointment or with any questions you may have!

We are always happy to help!!

Call: 403-505-3700


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